What is Celtic Shamanism? Interview with Jane Burns, Shamanic Trainer, Practitioner & Storyteller

July 27, 2022 Jane Burns, Celtic Shamanism Practitioner, Trainer & Author-Storyteller Season 1 Episode 18
What is Celtic Shamanism? Interview with Jane Burns, Shamanic Trainer, Practitioner & Storyteller
Show Notes

If you are drawn to the topic of Celtic Shamanism or Celtic Shamanism training, today is your lucky day!

Listen in as I interview Celtic Shamanism practitioner, teacher, author, and really engaging storyteller, Jane Burns.

Jane has been a Celtic shamanism trainer for over a decade as well as a gifted practitioner of sacred and time-honored Celtic shamanic practices including soul retrieval, extraction, spiritual healing, ancestral healing, community healing and reconnection to our soul's purpose and life plan.

During our interview, I ask Jane the following questions:

How did the shamanic path help you with the diagnosis of cancer back in 1996?

What’s your definition of a shaman? I understand shamans are not self-proclaimed they are appointed by the community or perhaps Divine Grace. Sandra Ingerman likes to embrace the notion of being a shamanic practitioner and invoking the higher consciousness of 1,000's of years of the indigenous devotional ceremony, healing and prayer.

As a Celtic shamanic practitioner, what is it that you do? Did you work 1-on-1? This inquiry leads to a discussion on soul retrieval.

I asked Jane, "What is soul retrieval?"

In 2006 (10 years after you discovered your shamanic path ) you began to teach shamanic studies….Where did you teach?

How did people find you or how did you connect with your students?

I love the title of your book “Up a Tree” (shamanic novel and handbook).

I see it was published, not too long ago in 2014, can you tell us a little bit more about that? Is it somewhat autobiographical?

I see you studied “core shamanism” with Sandra Ingerman…what is core shamanism?

Then I see you studied Celtic shamanism with Tom Cowan.  What is Celtic Shamanism?

So you teach a variety of courses.

  • Celtic Shamanism
  • Celtic myth and
  • Bardic tradition


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