Interview with Anita Moorjani Sharing Her Near Death Experiences (NDEs)

June 15, 2022 Anita Moorjani, NY Times Best Selling Author of Dying to Be Me Season 1 Episode 8
Interview with Anita Moorjani Sharing Her Near Death Experiences (NDEs)
Show Notes

Today, I had the distinct pleasure and honor to interview Anita Moorjani, International Speaker and NY Times Best Selling Author of Dying to Be Me. Anita is also an enlightened healer, championed by Dr. Wayne Dyer in his book "Wishes Fulfilled".

If you have never encountered anyone that has had a near-death experience or are fascinated by the healing revelations of near-death experiences, then today is your lucky day!

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Anita Moorjani joins us and relays her profound story of "seemingly" miraculous healing from a 4 year battle with cancer and deciding to return to this life and fulfill her life's purpose and soul's calling with beloved husband Danny and grateful mother.

Anita shares her history of growing up in cultures and countries where she never felt like she belonged and was never "good enough" in her own perceptions.  On top of this, she was brought up with traditional Hindu parents who wanted her to be a part of an arranged marriage. She, in fact, went so far as to be apart of the arranged marriage until 3 days before the wedding day. She ended being a run-away-bride!

Most everything in her heart of hearts that she wanted out of life was in some way "frowned upon" everywhere she turned. The beliefs, feelings, and thoughts that she created around all of this conflict and resistance brought here through 4 grueling years of a battle with cancer and (thankfully) death's door.

Anita details her experience on the other side and then shares her journey since.

Life had much bigger plans for Anita when Dr. Wayne Dyer directed Hay House Publishing to track her down for him. Soon Anita found herself Divinely Guided by Dr. Dyer in a whirlwind experience that included:

Writing her NY Times Best Seller, Dying to Be Me.

Wayne Dyer relaying the story of how he became aware of Anita in his book; Wishes Fulfilled

Launching her book and Dr. Dyers book together with Hay House Publishing

Sharing the stage on PBS with Wayne's launch of Wishes Fulfilled

Sharing the live internatio

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