Healing Ancestral Wounds Interview with Gemma Benton

June 01, 2022 Gemma Benton, Ancestral Healing Shaman & Expert Season 1 Episode 2
Healing Ancestral Wounds Interview with Gemma Benton
Show Notes

Healing Ancestral Wounds? What Does This Mean?

Today we discuss the significance of understanding our ancestral connections, “reweaving” our ancestral stories and healing ancestral wounds.

Discover how disowning ancestral shame and trauma can have a negative impact on your own life and block you from experiencing the life you had hoped for.

We are honored to have Native American spiritual activist, storyteller, teacher, and singer Gemma Benton join us for a much-needed conversation around the significance of honoring your ancestral heritage, healing from the past and making ancestral connections to reweave your own ancestral story and heal, not only you and your family but the greater community of the world.

Gemma has taught the power of reweaving our ancestral story for close to 30 years, helping people heal debilitating family issues, from abuse to addiction, by addressing the “spirits in the shadows” with an open heart.

Each ancestor can be a resource for how we live our current lives. Each ancestor can be a source of vital wisdom. Each ancestor connects us in different ways with life and the Earth.

Knowing, and reweaving, our ancestral story is at the heart of a well-lived life because we are witnessing the truth of our lineage, the difficulties that have been surmounted, and the wisdom that has been earned.

Instead of being a solo seeker adrift in life and seeking a home, we carry our home within us — the flesh and bone and memories of thousands of lives, all culminating with us. If we access this vast field of experience, we become more empowered, wiser, and authentic. We better understand who we are and where we are headed.

Interested in finding out more about Gemma's Shift Network Event: Reweaving Your Ancestral Story: Ritual, Story & Song to Remember ‘the Forgotten,’ Heal the Past & Rekindle Belonging. Click here.

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