REBOOT Part 2- How We Curate Content with True Power to Shift You

August 18, 2022 Liz Gracia Season 4 Episode 26
REBOOT Part 2- How We Curate Content with True Power to Shift You
Show Notes

Today's episode goes a little deeper into how we consciously curate content, webinars, courses, teachers, books, topics, and all we share with you.

How can you trust what you are being told is valid and can help you shift and become more of who you intended to be in life?

Enter the Map of Consciousness, a proven energy scale for actualizing your ultimate human potential. (See The Map of Consciousness Explained)

Everything throughout history, that ever was and is as of today, can be calibrated as to its level of consciousness.

The Mind Body Spirit Network and this podcast intend to put all we share into context based on the Map.

Is something of lower consciousness (anything that calibrates below 200 that you should avoid)?

Or is something of higher consciousness (anything that calibrates above 200 that you can trust to uplift you, inspire you, be constructive and shift you)?

We're on a mission to raise your level of consciousness on various topics and help you become the change you want to see in your life and the world.

Listen in to today's enlightening podcast.

Other resources I mentioned in today's podcast:

Entry-level books on the topic of consciousness by Dr. David R. Hawkins:

  1. The Map of Consciousness Explained
  2. Truth vs Falsehood

My other podcast, "Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness," at TrumpeterofTruthRadio.com

Get current calibrations on a wide variety of topics at ConsciousnessCalibrations.com. This is a paid subscription offering, but many calibrations are free for the public.

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