Align with Your Enneagram Type, Transform Your Life Interview with Jessica Dibb

June 20, 2019 Season 1 Episode 6
Align with Your Enneagram Type, Transform Your Life Interview with Jessica Dibb
Align with Your Enneagram Type, Transform Your Life Interview with Jessica Dibb
Jun 20, 2019 Season 1 Episode 6
Jessica Dibb, Enneagram Global Summit Host & Expert
Do you know what your Enneagram type is and how significant it can be to align with your type? Interview with Ennegaram Global Summit Host Jessica Dibb.
Show Notes

What if you had a brilliant roadmap — a soul map or plan — that was so nuanced it could guide you to apply your innate wisdom to every area of your life, enabling you to have truly fulfilling relationships and a deep sense of living “on purpose”?

Such a map could help you:

• Discover who you really are and how to actualize your deepest potential
• Understand other people and cultivate compassion for their way of being
• Build deeper and more harmonious relationships
• Transform families, communities, organizations, and our world…

This map is the Enneagram and it will help you Uncover the GIFTS of Your Enneagram Personality Type or your “strong suit”, so to speak..

Toady’s High Vibe Tribe Expert Interview Special Guest is Jessica Dibb, teacher of the Enneagram, Enneagram Types, and Enneagram Personality Types in order to assist you with embracing your soul’s plan or journey,

Jessica is Founder of Inspiration Consciousness School and Community (www.InspirationComunity.org) and host of the upcoming Shift Network event:

The Enneagram Global Summit, 9 Essential Pathways for Transformation

Since 1982 Jessica Dibb has been the Founder, Spiritual Director, and Principal Teacher of Inspiration Consciousness School, and has designed and facilitated unique workshops, classes, and on-going training grounded in a highly integrated model of psycho-spiritual healing and development to support self-actualization. Her teachings assist people in cultivating consciousness through all stages of life from conception onward.

Jessica is highly respected for her innovative experiential approach utilizing the wisdom of the enneagram for awakening and consciousness. In addition to years of in-person enneagram workshops, she now leads the enneagram platform through The Shift Network.

She is the host of the annual Enneagram Global Summit, convening 50 leading enneagram teachers from around the globe with cutting-edge enneagram training and teachings. Jessica also teaches several online enneagram courses each year on the enneagram types and how to discover and consciousness through The Shift Network. and embrace your own.

Her deepest passion is to support evolving creativity and positive possibilities on our planet by supporting awakened consciousness, and the embodiment of love, wisdom and presence in every moment…for all life.

In our High Vibe Tribe Expert Interview we cover some of the following topics:

  • What is the Enneagram?
  • Why is it such an important tool and how can it transform us?
  • Can you tell us a little bit about the classes that you’ve created for The Shift Network and how often do they come around?
  • We spoke about the upcoming Enneagram Global Summit and the vast number of experts participating in this event. Runs June 24th – 28th 2019

You can register here for FREE.

We mentioned Jessica’s own upcoming event with The Shift Network (Late July- August 2019) that will launch an all-new enneagram course and enneagram training for beginners, advanced Enneagram students, and holistic health practitioners. If you’d like to get in the loop on that one and all of our Free Online Events and Expert Interviews, Support the show


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